Vocabulary of Clothes in Spanish: 6 verbs to use with audio (2024)


¿Has querido chulear la ropa de alguien, pero no sabías el nombre de la ropa? (Have you ever wanted to compliment somebody’s clothes and you didn’t know the name of each item?)

Would you like to know how to say the name of each clothing item you wear?

Well, don’t go anywhere, because in this article I will teach the name of several clothes in Spanish, ¡y tal vez tire por ahí unas clases de styling! (and I might throw in some styling tips on the way!).

I. The most common verbs related to clothes in Spanish

First of all, we need to learn some basic verbs but don’t worry… We will learn this de la manera fácil (the easy way)! Yes, you guessed it: using Chunks!

Quedar (To fit)

Poner / Ponerse (To put on / To wear)

  • Las mujeres nunca tienen qué ponerse. (Women never have anything to wear.)
  • Voy a ponerme un suéter. (I’m going to put on a sweater.)

Probar / Probarse (To try on)

  • ¿Por qué no te pruebas el pantalón? (Why don’t you try the pants on?)
  • Quiero probarme esos pantalones. (I want to try on those pants.)
Vocabulary of Clothes in Spanish: 6 verbs to use with audio (1)

Quitar / Quitarse (To take off)

  • Ya quiero quitarme estos zapatos. (I want to take off these shoes right now.)
  • Necesito quitar los zapatos. (I need to take off the shoes.)

Vestir / Vestirse (To get dressed)

  • Voy a vestir un short para la fiesta. (I’m going to wear shorts to the party.)
  • Ella se viste elegante para la fiesta. (She dresses elegantly for the party.)

Comprar / Comprarse (To buy)

  • Ella quiere comprarse un sombrero nuevo. (She wants to buy a new hat.)
  • Voy a comprar una falda nueva. (I’m going to buy a new skirt.)

II. Spanish clothes vocabulary: speak about shopping

Let’s take a break and see some vocabulary related to clothing. Let’s say that fuiste de compras (you went shopping) and you want a certain item your size.

Listen to the full conversation here:

Customer: ¿Tiene esta falda en mi talla? (Do you have this skirt in my size?)

Vendor: ¿Qué talla es usted? (What size are you?)

Customer: No estoy segura si talla chica o mediana. (I’m not sure if Small or Medium size.)

Vendor: No, solo nos queda talla grande. (No, we only have Large size left.)

Customer: ¿Tendrá algo parecido con botones o cierre? (Do you have anything similar with buttons or a zipper?

Vendor: ¿Cierre?

Customer: Oh, disculpe, cremallera. (Oh sorry, zipper in Spain.)

Vendor: Tenemos este vestido; es un modelo de algodón con estampado animal. (We have this dress. It’s a model in cotton with animal print.)

Customer: Este estampado está pasado de moda; creo que prefiero un vestido a rayas. (That print is old-fashioned. I think I prefer a striped dress.)

III. Examples of essential clothing items in Spanish

What did you think about that? ¡Siempre hay clientes difíciles! (There are always picky customers!)

Now that you know some vocabulary related to clothes, you’ve graduated, so let’s see each item.

Me gusta esa camisa. (I like that shirt.)
Playera o RemeraT-shirt
Prefiero usar una playera cómoda. (I prefer to wear a comfortable t-shirt.)
Camiseta o RemeraTank Top
En verano, suelo usar camisetas sin mangas. (In summer, I usually wear sleeveless tank tops.)
Chaqueta o ChamarraJacket
Hace frío, así que llevaré mi chaqueta. (It’s cold, so I’ll wear my jacket.)
Me encanta este suéter de lana. (I love this wool sweater.)
Necesito un abrigo más grueso para el invierno. (I need a thicker coat for winter.)
Mi padre usa un chaleco cuando va a pescar. (My father wears a vest when he goes fishing.)
No salgas sin tu impermeable en días lluviosos. (Don’t go out without your raincoat on rainy days.)
Botas de lluviaRain boots
Las botas de lluvia son ideales para los días lluviosos. (Rain boots are perfect for rainy days.)
Me compré un vestido elegante para la fiesta. (I bought an elegant dress for the party.)
Estos zapatos de plataforma son muy cómodos. (These wedge shoes are very comfortable.)
Vestido de fiestaParty Outfit
Para la boda, voy a usar un vestido de fiesta elegante. (For the wedding, I’m going to wear an elegant party outfit.)
¿Dónde están mis pantalones favoritos? (Where are my favorite pants?)
Pantalón deportivoSport pants
Me gusta hacer ejercicio con pantalones deportivos. (I like to exercise in sport pants.)
TennisTennis shoes
Necesito comprar nuevos tennis para correr. (I need to buy new running shoes.)
Me encanta esta falda de flores. (I love this floral skirt.)
TaconesHigh heels
Ella siempre usa tacones altos en eventos especiales. (She always wears high heels at special events.)
En verano, siempre uso shorts. (In summer, I always wear shorts.)
SandaliasFlip flops
En la playa, prefiero usar sandalias. (At the beach, I prefer to wear flip flops.)
Jeans o Pantalones de mezclillaJeans
Los jeans son mi prenda favorita de vestir. (Jeans are my favorite clothing item.)
En invierno, uso botas para mantener mis pies calientes. (In winter, I wear boots to keep my feet warm.)
Me gusta ponerme mi pijama cómodo antes de dormir. (I like to put on my comfortable pajamas before sleeping.)
Después de un largo día, me pongo mis pantuflas para relajarme. (After a long day, I wear my slippers to relax.)
Este jumper es perfecto para el clima fresco. (This jumper is perfect for cool weather.)

The Spanish-speaking world has some interesting and fun designs when we’re talking about clothes in Spanish. If you’re traveling to Spain, GoAbroad has some advice for you.

IV. Learn more about fashion and clothes in Spanish with FREE Training

¡Muy bien! ¿Me faltó alguna pieza de ropa? (Did I miss a clothing piece?) ¿Qué traes puesto? (What are you wearing?) Let me know in the comments!

I hope next time you go shopping or want to compliment someone’s clothes, you’ll have all the tools to do so.

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Vocabulary of Clothes in Spanish: 6 verbs to use with audio (2024)


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