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From the humblest home to the most awe-inspiring skyscraper, construction is a complex task. It takes huge teams of people to make the vision for a building into reality. Through construction, new horizons take shape and new possibilities for living, working, learning, playing, and healing rise up before us. In fact, when we build the world around us, we build something truly larger: the communities we live in.

The passion, know-how, and skills of the men and women who get up every morning to build our world has been part of our DNA since Procore was founded in 2002 by CEO Tooey Courtemanche. A student of both technology and construction, Courtemanche brought these two passions together when trying to build a home for his family. He discovered he needed a better way to connect and coordinate the project between Owners and the General and Specialty Contractors on the job. Since then, his relentless focus on the people who build has remained at the heart of a company that has become the leading platform for construction in over 125 countries around the globe.

Today, Procore is committed to being the partner that the industry counts on to advance, evolve, and elevate construction as a business, a craft, a career, and a driver of innovative excellence. To that end, we celebrate the best of the best in the industry as Groundbreakers willing to challenge the status quo while leading the way and reaching back to help others succeed. With a singular focus on construction, our goal will always be to provide the people in the industry with technology, culture, and thought leadership that makes their lives safer, easier, and more productive.

We’re people first.

That's why people come first in everything we do.

We believe the construction industry will be better if we do our part to serve the people in it. We hire top talent and invest in their success so you get the best of the best on your team, from engineering to support. That's why, because we put people first, our customers tell us that it is the single most important reason that they choose Procore — our people intuitively understand the needs of the industry, whether it be the software we build or how we deliver and service our customers, they don’t have to “educate” us; we are partners together. We may be growing, but we’re dedicated to our culture and keeping Procore human — you can call and talk to a real person anytime. We've built a product that puts people at its core — it's built for the way you actually build, so it's intuitive and enables all your teams to work better together. And, we donate our software and support to universities and non-profits to equip the next generation of builders for the modern construction site.

Our Vision

Improve the lives of everyone in construction.

All our efforts are driven by Procore’s vision to improve the lives of everyone in construction. Our vision is our higher calling, how we make a difference in the world, and why you care about what we do. Positioned at the forefront of an operational and generational shift in the construction industry — a digital evolution — Procore has the opportunity to show the world we truly put our words into actions to improve the lives of everyone in construction.

Our Mission

Connect everyone in construction on a global platform.

Our mission is to connect the global construction community on one, collaborative platform, while delivering products tailored for each stakeholder. We’re building a sense of community not only within Procore, but also with our partners, customers, and the communities the industry serves.

Our Promise

Building software for the people who build the world.

Procore’s north star, from day one, has been to put people first in everything we do. This is the experience customers, partners, collaborators and the general industry can expect to receive every time they interact with Procore’s brand.

Our Difference

What sets up apart.

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Single Focus on Construction

As a dedicated partner, we have a business model built for this industry by people from this industry — construction is the only thing we do. From our founder to our software engineers, implementation and account teams to marketing, we hire the best and the brightest with construction experience — we can build it because we have been there, on the jobsite and in the office. We don’t build software for adjacent industries so 100% of our focus is to help advance construction. And while technology and software will help propel the industry forward, at its core, the industry is about people working with people.

“In almost 20 years in the construction industry, I’ve used about every software out there … none of them delivered a true construction product. I knew from day 1, and was sold by my first week, that Procore is hands down delivering real construction software.”

Angelique Hamm

McGuire Builders

Case Study Boston Children’s Hospital “Procore shows exactly where the real-time spendis.” Case Study Green Mechanical "Procore paid for itself in the first three months." Case Study Creature "How did we ever do it any other way?!"


People, Community, and Culture

We are committed to advancing construction (internally and externally) through our focus on people, culture and building a community of Groundbreakers. This includes our dedication to industry advancement around the labor shortage, worker safety, DIBs (Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging), WIC (Women in Construction), continuing education, on-demand learning, Culture Academy and our online Procore Community of Groundbreakers.

“Procore helped make the connection for the student whose dad works in construction to tell him how cool his job is. To make those eye-opening moments for our students to realize that there's so much out there for them, we simply can't do that alone.”

Melinda Cabrera

United Way of Santa Barbara County

Webinar Foundations for Progress The Future of Women in Construction Jobsite Innovation in the Workplace Through Inclusion and Diversity


Innovation and Technology

We are accelerating the construction industry today, with a vision for the future. We set out to connect every stakeholder, all our products, and project data on a single platform. This means everyone from Owners to General Contractors to Specialty Contractors — from the field to the office — is looking at the same reliable information. That's why we build to connect and include innovative technologies like AI, machine learning, robotics, drone technology through our App Marketplace and ecosystem with open APIs and data. We offer flexible customizations and integrations on a secure and trusted network with unlimited storage for our customers.

“The best thing about Procore is that everybody is on the same construction project management software. People are all operating in a similar way.”

Scott Brauninger

Build Group

Case Study Electrify America “We could grow with the Procore platform.” Case Study TDIndustries “Procore has a whole subcontractor-focused team.” Case Study Oxford Properties “Procore is a one-stop-shop for all stakeholders to all be able to view the same information in realtime.”

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