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I'm looking for my forever home. Could you be my perfect match?


German Shepherd Dog

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8 + years



Medical care

I need ongoing medical care



Living off site


May live with

Secondary school age children.

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Are you right for Skye?

Skye does have ongoing medical and is looking for a low activity household that are happy to take her out for short easy walks. When not out on a walk she loves being in the garden, playing with her toys and sunbathing away so her new home will need to have a secure garden that she can call her own and relax in. Skye would like to be the only dog in the home but is able to meet dogs out and about. She cannot live with cats. The home should be able to separate her from the front door as she can get a bit overexcited with visitors and she can live with secondary school children. Skye is currently enjoying the comforts of a foster home and is not at the centre – if you would like any more information on this gorgeous girl please favourite her on application.

Is Skye right for you?

Meet Skye, an 8-year-old German Shepherd who is the sweetest girl going! Skye is such a happy girl who will always put a smile on your face. She loves a fuss, especially bum scratches and will make sure to ask for more if they’ve stopped! Skye loves tasty treats including eating her veggies and she especially loves her toys and will bring them to you to play. Skye can be worried in a veterinary environment and would like adopters who are happy to continue her confidence building and muzzling her for checks.

How our rehoming process works

To apply to adopt a dog like me, these are your next steps.


Create an account and fill out our application form

In our form you can tell us all about your home, your lifestyle and the kind of dogs you’re interested in. You won’t be applying for a specific dog, but you can add favourites to give us an idea of the dogs you like. We’ll use this information to find a great match for …


Choose a rehoming centre

We’ll also ask you to select a rehoming centre. The team at this centre will look after your application and assess you against all suitable dogs in their care. This doesn’t have to be your nearest centre, but you will need to travel there within a few days once we’ve found …


We’ll contact you within seven days

We’ll be in touch by phone or email within seven days of receiving your application to have a chat about your dog search. Then we'll start looking for a great match for you.

We will make two attempts to contact you. If after the second attempt we don’t hear back from …


We’ll keep your application open for three months and keep looking for a match

You won't need to do anything else or apply again for three months. We’ll keep reviewing your application against all the dogs at your chosen centre. Not all available dogs are featured on our website; dogs of all shapes and sizes regularly come into our care, and your …


When we find a match, we’ll invite you to meet them

If we’ve found a dog who seems right for you, we’ll invite you to come and meet them at the rehoming centre.

Some of the dogs in our care will need to meet potential owners several times to get to know one another. This lets us see you’re compatible and gives …


If we haven’t found the right match, we’ll continue the search together

If we haven’t found the right dog for you within three months, we’ll let you know your application is closed. We’ll invite you to apply again so we have up-to-date information about you, and we’ll keep looking.


We’ll support you to embark on a new life with your dog

When we’ve matched you with a dog, we’ll help you welcome them to your home. After adoption we’ll keep in touch to see how you and the dog are doing. If you need any advice or support, we’re just a phone call away.

With our nationwide Dog School, free behaviour …

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We’re open for general browsing on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 12–4pm. Wednesday and Friday mornings are by pre-arranged appointment only.


0303 003 0000

More useful information

Discover more about this dogs needs and how you might be able to support them should your rehoming application be successful.

Adopt a German Shepherd Dog Rescue Dog | Skye | Dogs Trust (4)

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Adopt a German Shepherd Dog Rescue Dog | Skye | Dogs Trust (5)

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Adopt a German Shepherd Dog Rescue Dog | Skye | Dogs Trust (2024)


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